Never wave a shoe. In Thailand, that's considered a capital offense.
— Josh, Pilot

Josh is a 26-year-old tattoo artist in Brooklyn. He is introduced in the first episode when he mistakes Liza Miller for a 26-year-old. He lives in an apartment above his tattoo shop, Inkburg, and is roommates with Kelsey Peters. He is married to Irish bartender Clare.

He is portrayed by American actor and model, Nico Tortorella


Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 - Pilot Edit

Josh first meets Liza in a bar. They hit it off, and start flirting immediately. Interested Josh asks questions about Liza's personal life which makes her apprehensive about going on a date with him, but he puts his information in her phone anyway. Liza, later, gets a calendar reminder for the date. Kelsey notices and convinces her to go by saying, "you're only in your 20's once." Liza is about to meet Josh when she gets a call from her daughter. This makes Liza feel like she's too old to go on a date with someone fourteen years her junior. She starts to walk away when Josh notices that she's outside. Josh shouts, "hey scaredy-cat," and Liza turns around to join him on the date.

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Liza Miller Edit

Liza and Josh first meet in the pilot episode of the series.

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"Last week, I tattooed the insides of Lena Dunham's ass cheeks."

-Josh, Pilot

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