I'm sorry that you had to walk in on Josh taking some girl to pound-town.
— Kelsey Peters, The Exes

Kelsey Peters is Liza's co-worker and a good friend and co-runner of Millenial. She meets her at season 1 after her meeting with Diana. At the time, she was a junior editor at Empirical. Then, she started Millenial Print an imprint of Empirical Print.

Relationships Edit

Thad Edit

Thad was Kelsey's boyfriend of two years when the show started. Although he was a massive jerk, she seemed to be blind to it. After she broke up with him, he showed up at her birthday party and proposed. Shortly after Liza found out he was cheating on her. When she confronted him, a piece of construction debris and died.

Chad Edit

Chad is Thad's twin brother and Him and Kelsey hooked up in a barn once while he pretended to be Thad, He also kissed her after his brother died.

Anton Bjornberg Edit

Anton is a Sweedish author, who came to Emperial to get his book published in English. Kelsey was his editor and greatly admired his work. They quickly started a sexual relationship even though Kelsey was dating Thad and Anton has a wife back in Sweden.