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Kelsey Peters
Kelsey Peters
First appearance Pilot
Friends Lauren
Liza Miller
Species Human
Gender Female
Age in her late 20s
Relationship(s) Thad Steadman (Ex-fiance)

Kelsey Peters is Liza's co-worker and good friend.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Kelsey is physically attractive. She is 5"3 and has a eye for fashion with her Chic style. Kelsey's beauty & attitude are sometimes overwhelming with most guy's.


Appearances (2/12)Edit

Season 1 (2/12)


  • Liza Miller - She is her new best friend in New York. They are like sister's when they hang out and talk. She is unaware of Liza's secret... that she's older then she appears and has an adult daughter.
  • Maggie - She is Liza's best friend and knows her secret that she is not in her 20s. She was the one, who helped her become younger to help her land a job in the publishing. Liza tells Kelsey that she is her friend and roommate.

All three of Liza's friend's hit it off.

  • Diana Trout - She is Kelsey co-worker or her boss. They don't get a long. Because Kelsey always pushes her around and resents her young and beauty.

Thad- ex fiancée (deceased)




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