Kelsey and Anton met in the first season. Anton was Swedish talent that she was trying to get published.

Summary Edit

Kelsey reads Bjornberg's translated autobiography. She hopes to schedule a meeting with him, so she can be the publisher that takes his book to the American market. When she is unable to schedule a meeting with him, she goes to his book reading. To her dismay, the reading is in Swedish. She is able to schedule a meeting with Bjornberg by making a clever comment about the Finnish. The two go to a bar and talk about his book. There's an awkward pause as they realize they are attracted to one another. Kelsy, then, brings up her boyfriend and Bjornberg brings up his wife. They schedule another meeting at Kelsey's office on Monday.

Kelsey is nervous about the meeting, so she drinks the night before. She, then, sends a text to Bjornberg saying, "U R HOOOTTTT!!!!" She sleeps in the next morning and misses her meeting with Bjornberg. She goes to his Brooklyn residence to apologize. She says the mishap won't happen again, and Bjornberg asks if the text will happen again. She says it won't, so Bjornberg agrees to another meeting. Bjornberg kisses Kelsey before she leaves, and they both react positively.