Excuse me, I moved to Brooklyn because I couldn't afford Manhattan. And, now, thanks to all these bearded cheese-mongers and chicks that look like Macaulay Culkin, I can't afford Brooklyn.
— Maggie, Pilot

Maggie is a lesbian artist and Liza's closest friend and roommate. Maggie is a 40-year-old lesbian artist, who is Liza's best friend and roommate. After Josh mistakenly thought Liza was 26-years-old Maggie convinces Liza to pose as a 26-year-old in order to reboot her career and love life. 

Life Edit

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Maggie in Girl Code (Season 1, Episode 5).

Quotes Edit

"Well, who wants the word 'bomb' in the name of their city, anyway."
-Maggie, Pilot