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First appearance Pilot
Friends Liza Miller
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 40

Maggie is a lesbian artist and Liza's closest friend and roommate. 


Maggie is a 40-year-old lesbian artist, who is Liza's best friend and roommate. After Josh mistakenly thought Liza was 26-years-old Maggie convinces Liza to pose as a 26-year-old in order to reboot her career and love life. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maggie has medium length brown hair with bright blue eyes. Her fashion is very tom-boyish but also very sexy/classy. 


Appearances (2/12)Edit

Season 1 (2/12)


Lauren HellerEdit

  • Start up: In the episode Hot Mitzvah, Lauren says that "at her first bar mitzvah she didn't have the nerve to kiss the person that she wanted". After she gives her closest friends 'Manischewitz and Molly' or 'pure ecstasy', Lauren goes up to Maggie when she's sitting with Liza and kisses her and says "I finally got to kiss the person I wanted to". 
  • In the episode The Mao Function, Liza comes home to find Lauren Heller naked in her kitchen, Maggie and Lauren are hooking up. 




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